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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library

This guide provides diversity resources and services to students, faculty, and library staff.

Joint Statements on Racism

Dear UD Students and Faculty:
The love of truth and justice must be more than a motto.

As leaders of the University of Dallas we, Bishop Edward Burns, Chancellor, Richard Husseini, Board of Trustees Chair, and Dr. Thomas Hibbs, President, wish to ensure that our words align with the spirit that animates our communal endeavors.

Let us be clear: racism is a sin against God, who created all in His image, and against our shared humanity.  The authoritative teaching on this subject is consistent -- our understanding of the relationship between God and his creation is found in the very heart of the Gospel.  It is reaffirmed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and finds expression in the proclamations of Saint Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.  We stand in solidarity with the teachings of our shared faith.


Most Reverend Edward J. Burns, Bishop of Dallas, Chancellor, University of Dallas
Richard Husseini, BS '88, Board Chair, University of Dallas
Thomas S. Hibbs, Ph.D., BA '82 MA '83, President, University of Dallas

--- January 5, 2021

Race, Racism, Antiracism & Social Justice Selected Titles

So You Want to Talk About Race

E 184 .A1 O454 2019

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Online Access - Library of Catholic Thought

How to Be An Antiracist

E 184 .A1 K344 2019

Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

BX 1795 .R33 M37 2010

That They May Be One: Catholic Social Teaching on Racism, Tribalism, and Xenophobia

BX 1795 .R33 N68 2008

Stamped From the Beginning

E185.61 .K358 2017

White Fragility

HT 1521 .D486 2018

Turning to the World: Social Justice and the Common Good Since Vatican II

BX 830 1962 .T87 2018

Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self

HM 753 .A39 2006

Citizen: An American Lyric

PS 3568 .A572 A6 2014

Augustine and Social Justice

BR 65 .A9 A8445 2015

Race and Racism in the United States: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic

REF E 184 .A1 R254

Bind us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation

REF E 184 .A1 R254

The Sin of White Supremacy: Christianity, Racism, and Religious Diversity in America

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection

Racism Without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America

E 184 .A1 B597 2018

The House That Race Built

E 185.615 .H68 1997

Faith and Social Justice in the Teaching of Pope John Paul II

BX 1753 .B385 1997

Critique of Black Reason

HT 1581 .M3313 2017

Antisemitism: A Historical Encyclopedia of Prejudice and Persecution

REF DS 146 .E8 A58 2005

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

HT 725 .U6 W55 2020

Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism

JC 574 .M538 2017

The Idea of Race

GN 269 .I34 2000

Kant and the Concept of Race

HT 1506 .K36 2013

From Enemy to Brother

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection

From Boas to Black Power: Racism, Liberalism, and American Anthropology

GN 308.3 U6 A49 2019

Race, Racism, and Science: Social Impact and Interaction

HT 1521 .J33 2004

Under Representation: The Racial Regime of Aesthetics

BH 301 .P64 L56 2019

Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice

Online Access - Credo Reference

Revealing Whiteness: The Unconscious Habits of Racial Privilege

HT 1575 .S85 2006

On Race: 34 Conversations in a Time of Crisis

HT1521 .Y363 2017

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism

Online Access - Credo Reference

What White Looks Like: African-American Philosophers on the Whiteness Question

E 185.615 .W438 2004

Race After Technology

HN 90 .I56 B46 2019

Birthright Citizens

KF 4757 .J655 2018

Blue-Chip Black: Race, Class, and Status in the New Black Middle Class

E 185.86 .L325 2007

1919, The Year of Racial Violence

E 185.5 .K78 2014

The Burning: The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921

F 704 .T92 M33 2001

The Cross and the Lynching Tree

BR 563 .N4 C648 2013

The Racial Contract

HT 1523 .M56 1997

Critique of Black Reason

HT 1581 .M3313 2017

Black Resistance, White Law: A History of Constitutional Racism in America

E185.61 .B45 1995


Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy: 

HT 1523 .R2514 2003

Enfleshing Freedom: Body, Race, and Being

BT 702 .C67 2010

America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible

E 185.61 .T45 1997

Notes of a Native Son

E 185.61 .B18 N6 1984

Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews

DS 134.255 .L66413 2012

Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America

JK 1759 .L223 2020

In the Matter of Color

KF 4757 .H53 1980

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

E 185.61 .R8185 2018

White Identity Politics

JK 1764 .J37 2019

Devil in the Grove

KF 224 .G76 K56 2012

The Temple Bombing

F 294 .A89 J536 2006

Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America

E 185.615 .C32 1992

Writing to Save a Life

D 810 .N4 W49 2016

The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Race

H 61.15 .R68 2018

Reimagining Equality

E 185.86 .H655 2011

The Future of Whiteness

E 184 .A1 A46 2015

Critical Race Theory

KF 4755 .D454 2017

Seeing Through Race

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection


HT 1521 .R233 2001

What Fanon Said

CT 2628 .F35 G67 2015


HT 1575 .D93 2017

The Religion of White Rage

E 184 .A1 R45 2020


E 184 .A1 F54 2014

Whitewashing Race: The Myth of a Color-Blind Society

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection

Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy

REF BX 1753 .E595 2007

Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations

E 185.615 .F387 2000

Creating Equal: My Fight Against Race Preferences

E 185.97 .C74 2000

Freud, Race, and Gender

BF 109 .F74 G554 1993

Preaching the Teaching: Hispanics, Homiletics, and Catholic Social Justice Doctrine

BX 1795 .P72 P74 2005

Black-Brown Relations and Stereotypes

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection

A Terrible Thing to Waste

GE 230 .W37 2019

Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence

HM 1019 .S84 2015

Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice

E 184 .A1 K477 2017

The Bible and Social Justice: Old Testament and New Testament Foundations for the Church's Urgent Call

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection

Charity in Truth: Caritas in Veritate

BX 1753 .C38 2009

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap

E 185.8 .B37 2019

Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism

ZA 4230 .A446 2018

Understanding and Dismantling Racism

E 184 .A1 B249 2007

A Black Theology of Liberation

BT 78 .C59 1970

Enfleshing Freedom: Body, Race, and Being

BT 702 .C67 2010

White Rage

E 185.61 .A5438 2017

Trailblazer: A Pioneering Journalist's Fight to Make the Media Look More Like America

PN 4874 .G387 A3 2019

Slavery by Another Name: The Re-enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II

E 185.2 .B545 2009

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation

BT 734.2 .M67 2019

Black Is a Country: Race and the Unfinished Struggle for Demoracy

E 185.61 .S6144 2004

Lazarus at the Table: Catholics and Social Justice

Online Access - EBSCO eBook Collection

César Chávez, the Catholic Bishops, and the Farmworkers' Struggle for Social Justice

HD 6509 .C48 P76 2006

Captivating Technology

HV 9471 .C2825 2019

Caring for Equality: A History of African American Health and Healthcare

RA 448.5 .N4 M33 2018

Cross-Racial Class Protest in Antebellum American Literature

PS 217.W66 H37 2020

The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir

F 189 .B153 C63 2009

Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Social Gospel

E 185.615 .D677 2018

White Supremacy and Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era

E 184 .A1 B598 2001

America's Unholy Ghosts: The Racist Roots of Our Faith and Politics

E 185.61 .G693 2019

A Shot in the Moonlight: How a Freed Slave and a Confederate Soldier Fought for Justice in the Jim Crow South

F 456 .M66 2021

Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America 

E 185.615 .D947 2020


E 184 .O6 W84 2003

Ignored Racism: White Animus Toward Latinos

E 184 .S75 R34 2020

Inventing Latinos: A New Story of American Racism

E 184 .S75 G63 2020

Killing Rage: Ending Racism

E 185.615 .H645 1996

Jesus and the Disinherited

BS 2417 .S7 T5 1996

Black Fatigue

RC 451.5 .W56 2020

Anti-Blackness and Christian Ethics

E 185.615 .A725 2017

The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 1

DS 145 .P4613 2003|ZV.1

The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 2

DS 145 .P4613 2003|ZV.2

The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 3

DS 145 .P4613 2003|ZV.3

The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 4

DS 145 .P4613 2003|ZV.4

The Nation Must Awake: My Witness to the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921

F 704 .T92 P36 2021

Equality and Non-Discrimination: Catholic Roots, Current Challenges

BX 1753 .E684 2019

The Broken Heart of America: St. Louis and the Violent History of the United States

F 474 .S257 J65 2020

The Chattel Principle: Internal Slave Trades in the Americas

E 449 .C48 2004

Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery

HT 1029 .W6 M48 2008

White Freedom: The Racial History of an Idea

JC 585 .S756 2021

The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race

BT 734.2 .J46 2010

Fugitive Saints: Catholicism and the Politics of Slavery

HT 917 .C3 G754 2017

Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and The Justice of God

E 185.615 .D664 2015

The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America

E 185.615 .D9449 2016

Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019

E 185 .F625 2021

Unsung: Unheralded Narratives of American Slavery and Abolition

E 444 .U57 2021

The Sum of Us

E 185.8 .M38 S86 2021

Speaking of Race

HT 1521 .R6255 2021

Ebony & Ivy

LC 212.42 .W53 2013

Race, Racism, Antiracism & Social Justice Selected Titles - gallery 2

Resources Available on Racism, Antiracism, and Social Justice