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Recently Added Religion/Theology Books

The Cambridge Companion Series contains the full-text of many Cambridge companions on religious topics and persons.

The eBook Religions Collection contains the full-text of over 5,500 scholarly books on a very broad range of religious topics, including ethics, history of religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and religious texts.

The Loeb Classical Library Online, which provides the full-text of every book in the Loeb Classical Library, includes works of the Church Fathers (Basil, Clement of Alexandria, Eusebius, Ignatius, Polycarp and others).

Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library is pleased to announce access to the Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics (EAGLL).  This source provides the most current research across a range of disciplines relating to the ancient Greek language.

Click here to view a list of other religion/theology books recently added to the collection.


Reference books are indicated by "Ref" preceding the call number and are located on the first floor.  Although they cannot be checked out, a copy machine and a scanner are available.  Circulating copies of some reference books may be available and some may also be available in an online format.


Atlas of Religion   Ref G 1046 .E4 O26
Contemporary American Religion   Ref BL 2525 .C65
Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements   Ref BL 98 .E53
Encyclopedia of Religion   Ref BL 31 .E46
Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development   Ref BV 4571.3 .E53
Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience   Ref BL 2525 .E53
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion   Ref BL 31 .E4
Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions   Ref BL 2525 .M449
Oxford Dictionary of World Religions   Ref BL 31 .O84
Oxford Handbook of Religion and the Arts   Ref NX 180 .R4 O94
Reader's Guide to the Great Religions   Ref Z 7833 .A35
World Treasury of Religious Quotations   Ref BL 29 .W6


Biographical Dictionary of American Cult and Sect Leaders   Ref BL 2525 .M448
Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism   Ref BL 501 .E53
Encyclopedia of Angels   Ref BL 477 G87
Encyclopedia of Religion and War   Ref BL 80.3 .E53
Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls   Ref BM 487 .E53
Handbook of Bioethics and Religion   Ref R 725.55 .H36
Hispanic American Religious Cultures   Ref BL 2525 .H57
Sanctuaries; the Complete United States: a Guide to Lodgings....   Ref BX 2505 .K44


Abingdon Bible Commentary   Ref BS 491 .E4
Anchor Bible Dictionary   Ref BS 440 .A54
Anchor Yale Bible Series   Ref BS 192.2
Catholic Study Bible   Ref BS 192.3 .A1
Commentary and Reference Survey; a Comprehensive Guide to Biblical and Theological Resources   Ref BS 511.3 .G59
Dictionary of Bible and Religion   Ref BR 95 .D46
Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters   Ref BS 501 .A1 H57
Handbook of Biblical Criticism   Ref BS 511.3 .S68
Harper Atlas of the Bible   Ref G 2230 .H47
HarperCollins Bible Commentary   Ref BS 491.2 .H37
Hellenistic Commentary to the New Testament   Ref BS 2341.2 .H44
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia   Ref BS 440 .I6
Interpreting the Bible: a Handbook of Terms and Methods   Ref BS 511.3 .T38
Macmillan Bible Atlas   Ref G 2230 .A2
New Interpreters Bible   Ref BS 491.2 .N484
New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible   Ref BS 440 .N443
New Jerome Biblical Commentary   Ref BS 491.2 .N485
Oxford Bible Atlas   Ref BS 630 .O96
Oxford Companion to the Bible   Ref BS 440 .M434
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible   Ref BS 440 .O93
Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible   Ref BS 432 .D34
Sacramentum Verbi: an Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology   Ref BS 440 .B38
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament   Ref BS 2397 .A1 K5E
Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament   Ref BS 440 .B5713
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, v.1-2    Ref BS 440 .T49 1980
Theologisches Worterbuch Zurn Neuen Testament   Ref BS 2397 .A1 K5G


Atlas of Global Christianity 1910 - 2010   Ref BR 479 .A855
Atlas of the Christian Church   Ref BR 98 .A74
Blackwell Companion to Catholicism   Ref BX 880 .B53
Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity   Ref BX 106.23 .B53
Blackwell Companion to the Theologians   Ref BR 118 .B48
Blackwell Encyclopedia Of Modern Christian Thought   Ref BR 95 .B58
Butler's Lives of the Saints   Ref BX 4654 .B8
Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd edition    Ref BX 1959.3 .E5 C38
Churches and Church Membership   Ref BR 526 .C48
Consecrated Phrases; a Latin Theological Dictionary   Ref BX 841 .B68
Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils   Ref BX 825 .T36
Dictionary of Christianity in America   Ref BR 515 .D53
Dictionary of the Liturgy   Ref BV 173 .L26
Dictionary of Theological Terms, exp. 3rd ed.    Ref BR 95 .C123
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity   Ref BR 66.5 .D5813
Encyclopedia of Catholic Doctrine   Ref BX 1745.5 .O87
Encyclopedia of Catholic Literature   Ref PN 485 .E53
Encyclopedia of Early Christianity   Ref BR 162.2 .E53
Encyclopedia of Monasticism   Ref BL 631 .E63
Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus   Ref BT 303.2 .E56
Handbook of Denominations in the United States   Ref BL 2525 .M425
Lexikon fur Theologie and Kirche   Ref BR 95 .L43
Liturgy of the Hours, According to the Roman Rite   Ref BX 2000 .A4
Masterpieces of Christian Literature in Summary Form   Ref BR 50 .M22
New Catholic Encyclopedia    Ref BX 841 .N44
New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship   Ref BV 173 .N49
Official Catholic Directory   Ref BX 2320 .P55
Oxford Dictionary of Popes   Ref BX 955.2 .K45
Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church   Ref BR 95 .O8
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation   Ref BR 302.8 .O93
The Papacy; an Encyclopedia   Ref BX 955.2 .D53
Roman Missal   Ref BX 2015 .A4
Sacramentum Mundi; an Encyclopedia of Theology   Ref BR 95 .S23
Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, 2nd ed.   Ref BR 95 .M378


Babylonian Talmud; a Translation and Commentary   Ref BM 504 .N44
Bibliography of the Samaritans, 3rd ed.   Ref BM 910 .C76
Bloomsbury Companion to Jewish Studies   Ref DS 118 .B644
Dictionary of Judaism in the Biblical Period: 450 BCE - 600 CE   Ref BM 50 .D525
Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations   Ref BM 535 .D487
Encyclopaedia Judaica   Ref DS 102.8 .E496
Glossary of Jewish Life   Ref BM 50 .O45
The Halakhah; an Encyclopedia of the Law of Judaism   Ref BM 520.4 .N48
JPS Torah Commentary   Ref BS 1225 .S325
Jewish Study Bible   Ref BS 895 .J4
Judaica Reference Sources: a Selective, Annotated Bibliographic Guide, 3rd ed.   Ref Z 6366 .C87
Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion   Ref BM 50 .O94
YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe   Ref DS 135 .E8 Y578


Arabic-English Dictionary of Qur'anic Usage   Ref BP 133 .B23
Blackwell Companion to the Qur'an   Ref BP 130.4 .B57
Concordance of the Qur'an   Ref BP 133 .K37
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World   Ref BP 40 .E525
Encyclopedia of the Qur'an   BP 133 .E53
Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture   Ref N 6260 .G75
Historical Dictionary of Sufism   Ref BP 188.48 R46
An Interpretation of the Qur'an   Ref BP 109 .F35
Literature of Islam   Ref BP 161.3 .S585
Muhammed in History, Thought, and Culture; an Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God   Ref BP 75 .M7616
Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics    Ref BP 173.7 .O94, v.1 & 2

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