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Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library Philosophy Resources

PhilPapers with Full Text database is now available.  

This database is a comprehensive index of philosophy books and articles. It offers unique features such as real-time indexing of pre-prints, fine-grained classification by topic, email alerts, reading lists, advanced search functionality, and discussion forum.  Additionally, it includes the full-text of 100 philosophy journals, with coverage back to the first volume for many of the titles.

To directly access the list of full-text journals available through PhilPapers with Full Text go to Philosophy Documentation Center Full-Text Collection.

 Plato, copy of portrait made by Silanion ca 370 B.C.
(photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen, Creative Commons Attribution)

Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library houses an excellent collection of primary philosophical texts.  It receives around fifty print philosophy and philosophy-related journals in several languages and has online access to several hundred, which makes it one of the most extensive collections of philosophical review in the Southwest.

Need assistance in finding philosophy resources?  Contact the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library Help Desk at 972-721-5315 or

Major Resources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is an open-access resource very highly regarded for its scholarly, authoritative content.  The entries are authored by leading scholars and include extensive bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a premier source and is available in print or on online.

The Loeb Classical Library Online, which provides the full-text of every book in the Loeb Classical Library, includes writings by Aristotle, Plato, Philo, Epictetus, Plotinus and other philosophers.

Past Masters Index includes access to full-text primary works, letters, journals and notebooks from major philosophers.  Collections included in Cowan-Blakley Library's subscription:  Aquinas: Collected Works; Aristotle: Complete Works; British Philosophy 1600-1900; Hume: Complete Works and Correspondence; Locke: Philosophical Works and Select Correspondence; the Continental Rationalists; Nietzsches Werke; Plato: Collected Dialogues; Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill; and Wittgenstein: Published Works.

The Cambridge Companion Series is a collection in e-book format of over 500 Cambridge Companion volumes.  Included are Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture.  (Some of these volumes are also available in print format in Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library.)

Use this link to access the American Philosophical Association Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy.

University of Dallas Textual Analysis Tool (UDTAT) provides dynamic visual analyses of classic texts with with side-by-side commentary. Created by a University of Dallas faculty member, it is still under development. At present the UDTAT contains one text, Aristotle’s Categories.

Welcome to the Philosophy subject guide.  This guide will direct you to the various resources available for research in philosophy.  Although it is not comprehensive, it will point you to the most useful databases, journals, books and reference sources, and online information.  It will assist you in both basic and advanced research.  Updating is done periodically so keep an eye out for information about new resources and search tips.  

Use the tabs above to find out more specific information about the various resources for philosophy.

For an overview and bibliography of your topic consult the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,  the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, or the Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Looking for articles or online information? Try Full-text Journals or the Databases or Journals or Internet Resources tabs above.

Looking for books?  You can find books by using our online catalog or you may want to browse the shelf.  Print books on philosophy are located in the "B" section on the lower level of Blakley Library.  Below is a more detailed breakdown of subject areas:

B - Philosophy, general
B 69-99 - General works
B 108-5802 - By period (includes schools of philosophy and individual philosophers)
B 108-708 - Ancient
B 720-765 - Medieval
B 770-785 - Renaissance
B 790-5802 - Modern

BC - Logic

BD  - Speculative philosophy
BD 10-41 - General philosophical works
BD 95-131 - Metaphysics
BD 143-237 - Epistemology.  Theory of knowledge.
BD 240-260 - Methodology
BD 300-450 - Ontology
BD 493-701 - Cosmology

BH - Aesthetics

BJ - Ethics
BJ 71-1185 - History and general works (including individual ethical 

BJ 1188-1295 - Religious ethics
BJ 1298-1335 - Evolutionary and genetic ethics
BJ 1365-1385 - Positivist ethics
BJ 1388 - Socialist ethics
BJ 1390-1390.5 - Communist ethics
BJ 1392 - Totalitarian ethics
BJ 1395 - Feminist ethics
BJ 1518-1697 - Individual ethics.  Character.  Virtue (includes practical and 
          applied ethics)


Other areas of interest include:

K 201-487 - Philosophy and theory of law
KB - Religious law
Q 174-175 - Philosophy and ethics of science
R 723-726 - Medical philosophy.  Medical ethics.

We are pleased to announce that the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy is now available online through Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library. Comprehensive in coverage, it includes articles authored by top scholars which feature excellent bibliographies.  New and revised content is added frequently and the content is enriched by the many linked cross-references. 

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Launch of the Journal of the American Philosophical Association

APA's new quarterly journal, launched with the Spring 2015 issue, is intended to be a preeminent philosophy journal.  "The editors are dedicated to the idea that the world does not need yet another philosophy journal; the world needs a philosophy journal that serves philosophers by providing a venue for fresh, innovative, accessible scholarship."  Check out the issues at this link.

Philosophy Books Recently Added to the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library Collection

Click here for a list of philosophy books recently added to the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library collection.

Philosophy Talk

Use this link to access information about the Philosophy Talk weekly radio show hosted by Stanford philosophers Ken Taylor and John Perry.  This award-winning show is one hour long and discusses a wide array of philosophical topics and their relevance to everyday life.