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ENG 1302-Literary Traditions II: Books

This guide will assist you in doing research for the ENG 1302 - Literary Traditions II course.


Reserve Books

Dante the Maker PQ 4390 .A62 1983
The Door of Purgatory: A Study of Multiple Symbolism in Dante's Purgatorio  PQ 4448 .A86 1913
Dante: Poet of the Secular World (2 copies) PQ 11390 .A91
Dante PQ 4335 .B4
A Diversity of Dante PQ 4390 .B574
Dante and the Mystical Tradition PQ 4410 .B55 B67
Dante Now PQ 4383 .C36 1995
Dante's Craft PQ 4456 .C3
Events and Their Afterlife B 5478 .C51 1982
Pilgrim in Love: An Introduction to Dante and His Spirituality PQ 4416 .C58 1984
Dante and the Book of the Cosmos PQ 4401 .D44 1987
Dante and Medieval Latin Traditions PQ 4394 .D76 1986
Symbolism in Medieval Thought PQ 4406 .D8 1929
Woman as Images in Medieval Literature PN 682 .W6 F4
A Reading of Dante's Inferno  PQ 4443 .F68
Dante: The Poetics of Conversion PQ 4390 .F7
Dante: A Collection of Critical Essays PQ 4332 .F7 C.2
Dante and His Comedy PQ 4439 .G47
Dante and Philosophy PQ 4412 .G4
The Cambridge Companion to Dante PQ 4335 .C36
Dante's Christian Astrology PQ 4401 .K39
Dante's Swift and Strong: Essays on Inferno XV PQ 4445 15th K39
Dante's Paradiso and the Limitations of Modern Criticism PQ 4451 .K5
Dante's Inferno; Difficulty and Dead Poetry  PQ 4443 .K57
The Mind of Dante PQ 4390 .L65
Structure and Thought in the Paradiso Lost
Dante's Vision and the Circle of Knowledge PQ 4392 .M39
Dante, Poet of the Desert PQ 4390 .M54
Critical Essays on Dante PQ 4390 .C788
The Reflective Journey Toward Order PR 5888 .M6
Advent at the Gates: Dante's Comedy PQ 4390 .M87 A3
Eternal Feminines: Three Theological Allegories in Dante's Paradiso PQ 4452 .P45
Dante PQ 4390 .Q56
Dante Alighieri, Updated Edition PQ 4390 .Q56
Dante Alighieri: Divine Comedy, Divine Spirituality PQ 4416 .R69
Introductory Papers on Dante PQ 4390 .S29
Further Papers on Dante PQ 4335 .S2
The Transfiguration of History at the Center of Dante's Paradise PQ 4406 .S3
Journey to Beatrice PQ 4406 .S5
Approaches to Teaching Dante's Divine Comedy PQ 4371 .A6
Inferno III PQ 4445 3rd .P53
Dante and Ovid: Essays in Interactuality PQ 44391.O9 .D36
An English Commentary on Dante's Divine Commedia PQ 4439 .T7
Medieval Culture: An Introduction to Dante and His Times PQ 43990 .V7 V.2
Milton and the Modern Critics PR 3588 .A33
The Cosmos of Paradise Lost PR 3592 .S3 B3
Milton: Modern Essays in Criticism PR 3581 .B3
Reviving Liberty: Radical Christian Humanism in Milton's Great Poems PR 3592 .L48 B4
Paradise Lost: Ideal and Tragic Epic  PR 3562 .B534
The Dividing Muse: Images of Sacred Disjunction in Milton's Poetry PR 3594 .B76
Paradise Lost in Our Time PR 3562 .B9
Milton's Paradise with Reference to the Hexameral Background PR 3562 .C6
Approaches to Teaching Milton's Paradise Lost PR 3562 .A83
Milton's Ontology, Cosmogony, and Physics (2 Copies) PR 3562 .C9
Death in Milton's Poetry PR 3592 .D35
Milton's Good God: A Study in Literary Theodicy PR 3562 .D28
The Cambridge Companion to Milton PR 3588 .C27
Images of Kingship in Paradise Lost: Milton's Politics and Christian Liberty PR 3562 .D36
Milton's Theatrical Epic: The Invention and Design of Paradise Lost PR 3562 .D44
Milton's Paradise Lost: A Commentary on the Argument Reference to the Hexameral Background PR 3562 .D4
Milton's Earthly Paradise: A Historical Study of Eden PR 3562 .D78
Milton and Ovid PR 3562 .D84
Milton's God PR 3592 .E5
Milton's Epic Voice: The Narrator in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .F39
Surprised By Sin: The Reader in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .F5
Milton and the Martial Muse: Paradise Lost and European Tradition of War (2 Copies) PR 3562 .F66
Minton's Imagery and the Visual Arts: Iconographic Tradition in The Epic Poems PR 3592 .A66
Milton's Epic Process: Paradise Lost and It's Miltonic Background PR 3562 .G75
Milton and the Idea of Matrimony: A Study of the Divorce Tracts and Paradise Lost PR 3592 .M3 H3
A Milton Handbook PR 3588 .H2
The Club of Hercules: Studies in the Classical Background of Paradise Lost PR 3562 .H6
John Milton: Priest, Poet and Prophet PR 3588 .H48
The Quarrel Within: Art and Morality in Milton's Poetry PR 3588 .H9
The Living Milton PR 3588 .K45
The Celestial Cycle: the Theme of Paradise Lost in World Literature with Translations of the Major Analogues PR 3562 .K5
Milton's Pastoral Vision: an Approach to Paradise Lost PR 3562 .K6
Milton's Warring Angels: a Study of Critical Engagements PR 3588 .K65
The Shadow of Heaven: Matter and stance in Milton's Poetry PR 3581
Milton and Sex PR 3581 .L37
Milton Re-Viewed: Ten Essays PR 3588 .L38
Paradise Lost and the Rhetoric of Literary Forms (2 Copies) PR 3562 .L385
Poetics of the Holy: a Reading of Paradise Lost PR 3562 .L52
Milton: Paradise Lost PR 3562 .L63
Milton and the Drama of History: Historical Vision, Iconoclasm, and the Literary Imagination PR 3562 .H5 L68
Paradise Lost as "Myth" PR 3562 .M2
Milton and the Sons of God: the Divine Image in Milton's Epic Poetry PR 3588 .M22
From Shadowy Types to Truth: Studies in Milton's Symbolism PR 3458 .M3
Milton and Modern Man: Selected Essays PR 3588 .M37
John Milton and the Transformation of Ancient Epic PR 3562 .M37
Milton: a Collection of Critical Essays (2 copies) PR 3581 .M28
Milton: Poet in Exile (3 copies) PR 3588 .M376
Epic God-Talk: Paradise Lost and the Grammar of Religious Language PR 3562 .M47
Arenas of Conflict: Milton and the Unfettered Mind PR 3588 .A74
Paradise Lost: an Account of its Growth and Major Origins, with a Discussion of Milton's Use of Sources and Literary Patterns PR 3562 .M12
John Milton: Poetry PR 3588 .M47
John Milton Among the Polygamophiles PR 3592 .M3 M4
Beautiful Sublime: the Making of Paradise Lost, 1707-1734 PR 3562 .M62 1990
Milton and the Drama of the Soul PR 3592 .R4 M8
Milton and the Middles Ages PR 3592 .M53 M5 1982
John Milton: a Readers Guide to his Poetry PR 3588 .N62
John Milton PR 3588 .J64 1992
Milton and the Art of Sacred Song PR 3588 .M475
Approaches to Paradise Lost PR 3562 .A8
A Critique of Paradise Lost PR 3562 .P3
Milton's Epic and the Book of Psalms PR 3562 .R27 1989
Paradise Lost and the Seventeenth Century Reader PR 3562 .R3 1967
Milton and the Postmodern PR 3588 .R355 1983
Milton's Poetic Art: A Mask, Lycidas, and Paradise Lost PR 3588 .R4
Milton's Wisdom: Nature and Scripture in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .R37 1992
Milton's Grand Style PR 3562 .R5 1967
Torah and Law in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .R58
Milton PR 3588 .R8
Matter of Glory: a New Preface to Paradise Lost PR 3562 .R86
The Apocalyptic Vision in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .R9
Paradise Lost and the Rise of the American Republic PR 3562 .S326
Milton and Forbidden Knowledge PR 3588 .S42
Remembering and Repeating: Biblical Creation of Paradise Lost PR 3562 .S35
The Moral Paradox of Paradise Lost PR 3562 .S37
Milton, Poet Of Duality: a Study of Semiosis in the Poetry and the Prose PR 3592 .D82 S54
Milton Studies (Vol. XV) PR 3579 .M5
The Bible in Milton's Epics PR 3592 .R4 S5
Milton and Scriptural Tradition: the Bible into Poetry PR 3592 .B5 M54
Milton and his Modern Critics PR 3588 .S55
The Wall of Paradise: Essays on Milton's Poetics PR 3592 .A34 S74
Milton and the Paradoxes of Renaissance Heroism PR 3592 .H47 S74
Milton and the Renaissance Hero (2 Copies) PR 3592 .H4 S (Copy 1 & 2)
Imagination and the Presence of Shakespeare in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .S75
Before and After the Fall: Contrasting Modes in Paradise Lost PR 3562 .S93
Milton's Poetry: Its Development in Time PR 3592 .T5 T3
The Miltonic Setting: Past and Present PR 3581 .T5m
"Descend from Heav'n Urania": Milton's Paradise Lost and Raphael's Cycle in the stanza Dell Segnatura PR 3562 .T74
Allegorical Poetics and the Epic: the Renaissance Tradition to Paradise Lost PR 3562 .T73
Paradise Lost and its Critics PR 3562 .W2
Milton and this Pendant World PR 3592 .W4
Milton's Literary Milieu PR 3586 .W5
Milton's Paradise Lost  PR 3562 .W45
Lucifer and Prometheus: a Study of Milton's Satan PR 3562 .W48