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This guide provides a basic introduction to research in Classics, the field of study concerned with the languages, literatures, and artifacts of ancient Greece and Rome.

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Looking for Articles?

Looking for articles? Journal articles can be found in print journals (located in Periodicals), online in databases and at the Journals home page.

Specialized databases have a high subject content
General databases contain multiple disciplines in varying measures, but are relevant to the field of Classics

Explore Journals: Journal titles can be searched for in the Online Catalog or by using Full-Text Journal Search. The Full-Text Journal search will point you to print, online and database resources

Getting Started

Welcome to the Classics subject guide. Although it is not comprehensive, it will point you to many of the most useful databases, journals, books and reference sources, and online information. It will assist you in both basic and advanced research. Updating is done periodically so keep an eye out for information about new resources and search tips.

Looking for Books?

Looking for books? You can find books by using our online catalog or you may want to browse the shelf. Most print books in Classics are located in the "P" to “PA” section on the third floor of Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library. Below is a high level view of the classification system:

Language and General Interest


PA1-199 Classical philology
PA201-899 Greek philology and language
PA1000-1179 Medieval and modern Greek language
PA2001-2915 Latin philology and language
PA3000-3049 Classical literature

Greek Literature

Latin Literature

PA3050-4505 Greek literature
PA3051-3285 Literary history   
PA3300-3516 Collections
PA3520-3564 Criticism, interpretation, etc.
PA3601-3681 Translations
PA3818-4505 Individual authors

PA3825-3849 Aeschylus
PA3851-3858 Aesop
PA3890-3926 Aristotle
PA3949-3964 Demosthenes
PA3973-3992 Euripedes
PA4018-4209 Homer
PA4279-4333 Plato
PA4367-4389 Plutarch
PA4413-4434 Sophocles
PA4452-4486 Thucydides
PA4494-4499 Xenophon

PA5000-5660 Byzantine and modern Greek literature
PA5301-5638.36 Individual authors

PA6000-6971 Roman literature
PA6001-6097 Literary history
PA6100-6140 Collections
PA6141-6144 Criticism, interpretation, etc.
PA6155-6191 Translations
PA6202-6971 Individual authors

PA6235-6269 Caesar, Julius
PA6278-6370 Cicero, Marcus Tullius
PA6393-6444 Horace
PA6482-6496 Lucretius Carus, Titus
PA6501-6510 Martial
PA6519-6553 Ovid 
PA6568-6609 Plautus, Titus Maccius
PA6611-6637 Pliny, the Elder
PA6661-6693 Seneca, Lucius Annaeus
PA6705-6753 Tacitus, Cornelius
PA6755-6785 Terentius Apher, Publius (Terence)
PA6801-6961 Vergilius Maro, Publius (Virgil)

PA8001-8595 Medieval and modern Latin literature
PA8200-8595 Individual authors


These may be located in the Reference section (first floor to the left of circulation), or available electronically. Reference books use the same Call Numbers as the circulating books listed above and must be used within the Library.