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LDRS-Power, Influence, and Leadership-Whittington

For Dr. Whittington's Power, Influence, and Leadership course

Getting Started

This guide will serve as resource for accessing materials needed for Dr. Whittington's Power, Influence, and Leadership course.  This guide is seperated by sessions.  Each tab contains resources that are necessary for that session.  These include selected readings from library databases, class schedules, and topical outlines to be covered in class.

How to access the articles

All articles included in this guide are available through one of the library's databases.  These articles are available both on- and off-campus.  To access the documents from off-campus, a network account and password will be necessary.

For username and/or password help, please contact

Please note:  If you are trying to access these documents from work, or somewhere with a firewall, the library's authentication software could be blocked.  Please either try accessing the documents from somewhere without a firewall, or talking to your work's IT department to allow user access through port 80. 

For technical issues not related to usernames or passwords, please contact Charlotte Vandervoort, Access Services Librarian, at or 972-721-5282.