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Art and Art history encompases all forms of art throughout the world. All types of material, including articles from journals, chapters from books, and digital images can be found using this guide.

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Getting Started

Welcome to the subject guide for Art.    

This guide will direct you to the various resources available for research in Art.  It will point you to the most useful databases, journals, books and reference sources, and online information available at the William A. Blakley Library.  Most of the Databases are indexes to articles in journals and chapters in books. For initial research, try the online library catalog and/or encylopedias.   

Follow the above TABS for specific information on Art and Art History.

Have an interest in browsing the shelves?  Then try the following selection from the Library of Congress classification scheme, which is what we use to classify the library materials:

N  Fine Arts

N 1-(9211)  Visual arts

NA 1-9428  Architecture

NB 1-1952  Sculpture

NC 1-1940  Drawing. Design. Illustration

ND 25-3416  Painting

NE 1-3002  Print media

NK 1-(9990)  Decorative arts

NX 1-820  Arts in general

TR 1-1050  Photography

TT 1-999  Handicrafts. Arts and crafts



CC License

Creative Commons License

This guide is created by Melissa Randall and licensed by University of Dallas Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

You may reproduce any part of it for noncommercial purposes as long as credit is included.  I encourage you to license your derivative works under Creative Commons as well to encourage sharing and reuse of educational materials.

New Titles in Art