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November Creative Writing Challenge

Writing challenge for UD students

Writing Challenge


Super Quick Writing Challenge!

Note: Deadline extended from until December 14th at midnight. You can read and vote on early entries, but there is still time to write! You can vote until Monday, December 16th at midnight.

Please email with any questions.

1. Make your story somewhere from about 100 to about  1,000 words in length.


2. Try to write for between 5 and 45 minutes (honor system here) 


2. The prompts (in the tabs above) are for inspiration if you need it. You can use one prompt, multiple prompts, or none. If your story doesn’t have a solid conclusion it’s okay. This is for fun and a little stress relief and maybe to get an idea for a longer work when you have more time.  You don’t need to write the next great American short story.


3. We will have a contest where we post up submitted stories in the library, and people can vote on their favorites. The top 3 stories will win a $25 Amazon gift card.


4. You can specify whether you’d like to be entered in the contest or not and whether you’d like your work posted for people to read or not. Please fill out that information on the entry form.  


5. If you have more than one idea, you can enter more than once.


6. Keep in mind, this is mostly just for fun and a bit of a study break!


Happy writing!


Text Prompts:


1. You have a secret superpower—you have a verifiable excuse for everything.

2. Your best friend tells you they need to meet you at the Cap Bar as soon as possible. “I just found out something big. Something that will change everything,” they say.

3. A group of scientists ask you to test out their time machine. You can go to any time and place for a day, and it won’t cause any problems. The scientists seem very nice and smart so you think, “This can’t wind up like those time travel stories where everything goes wrong. I’ll try it!”  But alas, the machine malfunctions, and you wind up in the year 3000. What happens next?

4. There seems to be a leprechaun outside your window, waving at you.

5. Sloths are not actually lazy, they’ve just been conserving their energy. Today is the day they plan to take over the world.