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LibGuide Version 2.0

This guide will help you with LibGuides V.2, and assist you in learning some of its functionality.


Welcome to the LibGuide V.2.0 how-to guide. If you are just starting out using V.2, this guide offers advice on how to create a Guide, add content, access other guide's resources, and how to offer resources to other guides. 

This Guide is structured to provide a natural flow for creating a LibGuide. The tabs, on the sides, cover each of the main sections with examples on how to create your own content. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Table of Contents

Home introduces you to the main page, the purpose of the guide, important dates, and helpful Springshare training links.

LibGuide General Design reviews basic guide structure and introduces general design elements.

Making a Guide introduces the most common elements of a guide; a map to where you find things.

Friendly URLs for V.2 instructs you how to make a friendly URL.

News and Views a section on the wonderful world of inserting RSS feeds, images, videos, and Podcasts into your guides.

Looking Back - Data Exports a section on creating HTML Backups of your LibGuides.

Looking Over the Fence a section on how to work with other LibGuides. How to add pages and share resources.