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Ready Reference

Ready reference sources provide quick and general information, and are consulted for factual, definitive answers. These include dictionaries, encyclopedia, directories, handbooks, almanacs, biographies, as well as geographic information sources.



 Atlapedia Atlapedia Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

World Atlas - World Atlas is an educational travel site on the Web which provides extensive information on geography, map and travel questions.

Geographic Sources Geography - Geography website including world atlas, maps, and geographical information  of countries and continents, regions, U.S. states and territories, world oceans, and others. Geography - Online encyclopedia that contains geographic information such as earth/moon viewer, distance calculator, latitude/longitude information, travel planning, and others.

Country Information/Travel Guides

Fodor's Travel Online - Fodor’s  is a travel guidebook that offers country facts and figures, as well as practical information for the modern traveler.

Frommer's Travel Online - Frommer’s  includes over 300 guidebooks as well as the Website  which provides candid, timely articles written by experts on local and international travel destinations.

Lonely Planet - Lonely Planet is about bringing people together, understanding the  world, and people sharing experiences by providing travelers everywhere with reliable, and independent travel information.

TravelTex - A Texas Travel Guide!


The sacred bridge: Carta’s atlas of the biblical world Ref.  G 2230 .R28 2006
Historical atlas of the United States
Ref. G 1201 .S1N3 1988
New atlas of the bible Ref. BS 630 .N4
The great world atlas  Ref. G 1021 .G743
Muir’s historical atlas, mediaeval and modern  Ref. G 1031 .M9
Atlas of Columbus and the great discoveries   Ref. G 1036 .N4 1990
A guide to the ancient world : a dictionary of classical place names Ref. DE 25 .G72 1986


Specialized Databases

For Texas Goverment Information, check out this page on the Government Guide.

Texas Digital Sanborn Maps - Provides detailed historical details about Texas cities, towns, and neighborhoods