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Classics Library Research Guide: Journals

Guide for Classics majors and students

Finding Journals at the UD Library

The University of Dallas Library has direct print and online subscriptions to hundreds of journals. You also have access to thousands more through our database subscriptions.

Below you can find lists of our print and online subscriptions. If the journal you need is not on these lists, use the Full Text Journal Finder tool to search for your journal by title.

Full Text Journal Finder

In addition to the journals listed on the right that we have direct subscriptions to, the library also has access to thousand of journals through our databases. To see if we have access to the journal you need, search the Full Text Journal Finder by title or subject.

Online Journals

Print Journals

This is a list print journals available at the UD Library that are key publications in this academic discipline.

Print journals are located in the Blakley Periodicals Room.

Archaeological Reports - DF 10 ,J82

Classical Outlook - PA 1.C5

Journal of Hellenic Studies - DF 10 .J8

Journal of Roman Studies - DG 11 .J7

Latinitas -  PA 1.L4