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PHI 3351-Junior Seminar-Sepper: Journals

Full Text Journal Finder

Full Text Journal Finder

Search by title of publication or by subject, and easily view which UD Library databases contain your journal, newspaper, or magazine. Use the "search within publication" feature to find your topic inside the publication, and then narrow your results by date.

Print Journals (current subscriptions only)

Many print journals are also available online at Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library.  To check for online availability of a print journal, use the full-text journal search program.  Print journals are located in the Periodicals Room.  Recent issues are shelved alphabetically and older issues are shelved by LC #.  Please ask a librarian for assistance if you have any problems locating a print journal.

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly  Per B 1 .A4n4
Angelicum  Per BX 800 .A1A5
Archa Verbi  Per BT 26 .A73
Archiv fuer Geschichte der Philosophie  Per B 1  .A7
Archives d'histoire Doctrinale et Litteraire du Moyen Age  Per B 720 .A7
Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch fur Antike und Mittelaiter  Per B 173 .B63
Communio  BX 801 .C63
Dionysius  Per B 171 .D56
Economics and Philosophy  Per HB 1. E526
Environmental Ethics  Per GF 80 .E5
Estudios Filosoficos  Per B 5 .E7
Ethics  Per BJ 1 .E8
Existensia=Meletaisophias  Per B 1 .A175
Franciscan Studies  Per BX 3601 .F7
Freiburger Zeitschrift fur Philosophie und Theologie  Per  BR 45 .F7
Gregorianum  Per BX 800 .A1G7
Hastings Center Report  Per R 724 .H27
Hegel Studien  Per B 2900 .H43
History of Universities   Per  LA 173 .H59
Idealistic Studies  Per B 1 .I4
International Philosophical Quarterly (IPQ)  Per B 1 .A4i5
Journal of Medicine and Philosophy  Per R 723 .J66
Journal of Philosophy  Per B 1 . J6
Journal of the History of Philosophy  Per B 1 .A4h5
Medioevo  Per  B 720 .M44
The Monist; an International Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry  Per B 1 .M7
National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly  Per R 725.5 .N2
Philosophical Topics  Per B 1 .S58
Philosophische Rundschau  Per B 3 . P5r8
Philosophisches Jahrbuch  Per B 3 .P75
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research  Per  B 1 .P57
Philosophy of Science  Per Q 1 .P55
Philosophy: the Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (Royal Institute of Philosophy)  Per B 1 .P55 
Philosophy Today  Per B 1 .P5t6
Phronesis; A Journal for Ancient Philosophy  Per B 1 .P59
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society  Per B 11 .A7
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Supplements  Per B 11 .A7s9
Process Studies  Per BD 372 .P75
Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie Medievales   Per BX 800 .A1R4
Review of Metaphysics  Per B 1 .R34
Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale  Per B 2 .R2m4
Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Theologiques  Per B 2 .R35
Revue Internationale de Philosophie  Per B 2 .A24
Revue Philosophique de Louvain  Per B 2 .R4L6
Revue Thomiste  Per BX 802 .R5
Sapientia  Per B 4 .S24
Vivarium  Per B 1 .A3