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New Faculty 2018

Welcome! Here are sme basic links and resources to get you oriented to the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library.

Library Homepage and Directory

General Library Tools

Full-Text Finders allows you to look up what journals that we have with full-text access and what years we have in full-text. It can also tell you if we have some volumes and issues in print but not electronically. It's a very powerful resource!

Tipasa in UD's new Interlibrary Loan system as of summer 2018. This is a simpler system that our old ILLiad system. Let us know if you need assistance!

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Requesting New Books and Materials


Helping Your Students Learn the Library

We love to have classes come to the library (or we can come to your classroom, especially for larger classes) to get some library instruction specifically for the particular course you're teaching. 

This form is a quick and easy way to request a library session for one or multiple sections of a course.


Online classes are mostly taught on Brightspace, and may in-person classes have a Brightspace component. 

Embedding a librarian in your course is an easy process. This allows a librarian to comment and help students with research within their online course. We are flexible in what areas librarians can access and level of participation. This is another way to get students more comfortable communicating with librarians and seeking research help. Like other methods, it can help the students gain some comfort and experience before the crunch time of midterm and final papers, projects and other big assignments. 


Requiring students to stop by reference for a quick meeting can substantially improve their understanding of resources. Making this a requirement or offering a bit of extra credit makes students more inclined to come by the library than if it's just an option. This is a quick and easy way for students to get some help that doesn't take away from class time. Students who do this are more inclined to ask for library help when they have more substantial questions too!

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Library Book Club

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