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LibGuide Migration to V.2

This LibGuide contains all of the instructions that guide owners need to follow in order to make their LibGuides compatible post-migration.

LibGuide Migration v.2 Committee

Do you have questions? Need assistance?

Contact us:

Liz x5350

Debbie x4122

Susan x4130

Countdown to v.1 Clean-up Completion

Refer to LibGuide Migration v.2 on Beta Site

Please bookmark and reference the LibGuide Migration v.2 on the beta site for the most current information about our migration plan, recommended steps, and examples of a v.2 LibGuide.

Important Information

Important Dates

  • V.2 Beta site is active You will be able to create a v.2 guide to learn how to work with the new version. You will not be able to bring over your existing v.1 guide. It is highly recommended that everyone create at least one v.2 guide before we migrate.
  • Review v.1 Reports 11/18/2016 - this date is only for the migration committee.
  • LibGuides v.2 Pre-Migration Review date is (insert date here) - this date is only for the migration committee.
  • All v.1 Subject Guides clean-up must be completed by 12/16/2016 in preparation for the LibGuides v.2 migration.
  • Final check of v.1 guides is January 4-13, 2017. This is only a grace period for final reviews and tweaks. Do not wait to begin your cleanup.
  • LibGuides v.2 migration date is January 31, 2017
  • LibGuides v.2 go live date is March 31, 2017

 If you need assistance in cleaning up your v.1 LibGuides you will need to add that person as an editor. Liz, Debbie, or Susan will be able to help you clean up any of your guides if needed. Contact us and let us know and we will schedule the cleanup onto our calendar.

If you do not want to remain the owner of any of your LibGuides or want to add a co-owner, now is the time to do it.

Helpful Links

Here you will find useful links to help you learn about LibGuides v.2