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Literature & Literary Criticism

This guide is comprised of both library and Internet resources recommended for finding information on Literature and Literary Criticism. All types of material, including articles from journals and chapters from books, can be found using this guide.

Getting Started

Welcome to the subject guide for Literature and Literary Criticism.

This guide will direct you to the various resources available for research in Literature.  It will point you to useful databases, journals, books and reference sources, and online information available at the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library.  Most of the databases are indexes to articles in journals and chapters in books. For initial research, try the online library catalog and/or encylopedias.   

Follow the above TABS for specific information on Literature and Literary Criticism. 

Have an interest in browsing?  Then try the following selection from the Library of Congress classification scheme, which is what we use to classify the library materials:

P  Philology. Linguistics

 PA  Greek language and literature. Latin language and literature

 PB  Modern languages. Celtic languages

 PC  Romanic languages

 PD  Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages

 PE  English language

 PF  West Germanic languages

 PG  Slavic languages. Baltic languages. Albanian language

 PH  Uralic languages. Basque language

 PJ  Oriental languages and literatures

 PK  Indo-Iranian languages and literatures

 PL  Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

 PM  Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages

 PN  Literature (General)

 PQ  French - Italian - Spanish – Portuguese literature

 PR  English literature

 PS  American literature

 PT  German - Dutch - Flemish literature since 1830

Afrikaans - Scandinavian - Old Norse literature:

Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian

Modern Icelandic - Faroese - Danish - Norwegian - Swedish literature


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